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Happy Holidays from the dogs (and people) at Speak! Rescue and Sanctuary!

It’s been an action-packed year where we were able to rescue 109 dogs. That includes lots of special needs Aussies and border collies, but also a smorgasbord of other dogs that were unwanted or that had serious medical needs. We had pups that needed heart or orthopedic surgeries, advanced imaging, and serious treatment and recovery from car accidents, abuse, and neglect.

We are thrilled that we have been able to find amazing homes for so many Speaklings this year and really appreciate our incomparable team of adopters, fosters, volunteers, and supporters. You helped make it happen!


The most exciting news this year concerns our search for a sanctuary. We have found the perfect property in the St. Louis metro area!  Acreage, privacy, gorgeous trails, a pond, facility buildings – it truly is the sanctuary we need for our Speaklings.  

With the current real estate market, we are moving quickly. Thanks to our ongoing fundraising efforts from supporters like you, we have enough for our down payment and have made an offer on the property – which was accepted this week! Now we are planning, and dreaming, about the future for this space.  


We are launching a year-long campaign for the Speak! Sanctuary. 

Our goal is $500,000. With this funding we can finally realize the dream of having our own facility. There, we will be able to care for more dogs that need hospice, respite, and training – basically the specific attention that can’t always happen in a foster home. Some of our Speaklings will need a forever place to live, while others just need a little more time until they find their happily ever after. This sanctuary would provide that and take Speak! to the next level.


Many of you may know Dobby from our social media. Dobby was adopted, and sadly returned, twice, and eventually stayed with one of our directors for the past two years. We weren’t sure if his people were out there, but we made sure he always had a place with us. This month Dobby found his family and is working on becoming a therapy dog. It was so joyful to see this pup go to his forever home. We never gave up on him.

Our vision is to create a sanctuary where amazing dogs like Dobby – whether unadoptable or not readily adoptable – will always have a loving home. We have quite the vision for our sanctuary: a welcoming place where supporters can come spend the day with our sanctuary dogs, taking them on walks and playing – even an on-site cabin for overnight visits as well as facilities for training classes.

We need you to realize this vision. It is a big ask, for a big dream, but we know that together we can make it happen. To launch our campaign, we have a generous donor willing to match the first $10,000 we raise during the month of December! We are asking you to make a gift for the Speak! Sanctuary and to share our vision with anyone you know who can help our Speakling community achieve this dream. Thank you for this support and your care for our cause. May your holidays be filled with happiness and dog kisses!

Here’s how to donate:

Venmo: @ SpeakSTL
Checks: mail to P.O. Box 318. Troy IL 62294

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